Heat Shield Mat 1m x 1.3m Aluminised Fibreglass with adhesive Rated 590⁰C

Heat Shield Mat 1mt x 1.3mt x 0.8mm Aluminised Fibreglass with High Temp Adhesive. Rated 590⁰C Radiant Heat, 260⁰C Direct Heat
Part Number: 721302A

Product Description

Heat Shield Mat is a Woven Fabric E-Glass withstands up to 550c of direct heat. Aluminium laminated on one side rated to 180c. When used in applications where there is 25mm of air space and air flow, this matt is capable of reflecting 90% of radiant heat. High Temperature peel and stick adhesive. Thickness 0.8mm. Lightweight-610 grams per square metre Ideal for many applications due to its extreme flexible nature. Ideal to shield paint from blistering on body panels. Being only .8mm thin, it is ideal for big or small applications. Heat Shield Matt works best underneath the vehicle being placed aluminised side towards the radiant heat source to shield the desired area. Able to withstands 1100°F (590°C) of radiant heat and up to 500°F (260°C) of direct heat. Installation is simple with self adhesive high temperature backing and easy to cut material.

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