Starter Motor Heat Shield Lava Hook-Loop fastener 9cm x 45cm. 650⁰C Cont

Starter Motor Heat Shield Lava Hook + Loop fasteners. 9cm x 45cm suits High Torque Starters. Easy to Install. 650⁰C Continuous 1090⁰C Intermittent
Part Number: 501071

Product Description

Starter Motor Heat Shield Lava Hook+ Loop fasteners. 9cm x 45cm to suit High Torque Starters.
Easy to install. 650⁰C Continuous 1090⁰C Intermittent.

Starter heat shields protect the solenoid and starter motor from excessive heat. This reduces the changes of starter failure and locking up from excessive heat.

-Protects starter motor and solenoid from damaging heat
-Stops starter heat soak and improves reliability in hot weather
-Installs in minutes, typically without requiring starter removal
-Naturally water, chemical and acid resistant
-Made in the USA

Lava™ Starter Shield
Prevent starter failures and extend the life of your starter motor and solenoid with the Lava™ Starter Heat Shield. Made from crushed volcanic rock fiber, this starter heat shield is engineered to protect your starter motor from the extreme temperatures reached in the hottest part of the engine bay where there is limited air flow. Featuring a cool carbon-fiber appearance, the Lava Shield provides insulation from temperatures up to 1200°F continuous and 2000°F intermittent and extends the life of your starter motor and solenoid.

A Starter Heat Shield Ideal for Tight Spaces
Many products on the market require at least a 1-inch space of airflow around them in order to work effectively. Due to the unique properties of volcanic rock, our Lava Starter Heat Shield can work even in the tightest of spaces where airflow is scarce.

If you’re worried about sparks flying, you can rest at ease. Our cutting-edge Lava Shield is the first of its kind on the market that does not conduct electricity and will not create an electrical short circuit if it comes into contact with exposed starter terminals.

Easy to Install and Remove
Our Lava starter heat shield is easy to install and does not require the removal of your starter motor. Simply wrap the Lava Starter Heat Shield around the starter motor and secure it with the heat-resistant hook-and-loop fasteners that come with the shield. Once secured, the Lava shield will stay firmly in place under the pressure of vibrations from the engine.

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