Lava Shield Mat 60cm x 60cm multi purpose thermal barrier with carbon fibre look

Lava Shield Mat 60cm x 60cm x .008" Thick is high temp, multi purpose thermal barrier material with a simulated carbon fiber look rated 650⁰F Continuous
Part Number: 770002

Product Description

Lava Shield Mat 60cm x 60cm adhesive backed. At .008" Thick, it is made from crushed volcanic rock, Heatshield Products Lava Shield Mat™ has heatshielding capabilities with a carbon-fiber look. This insulator helps to reflect and dissipate heat, making it perfect to be an airbox heatshield or heatshield barrier to protect the paint on your carbon-fiber/fiberglass hood. Due to the natural chemical and acid-resistant properties of basalt (a mineral from volcanic rock), Lava Heat Shield™ is excellent to use in harsh environments.
Lava Shield™ may be used on a firewall to shield radiant heat, and is also perfect to shield heat in transmission tunnels. Keep the look of carbon fiber but have the functionality of the Lava Shield™ heat barrier. It can be used with less than 1 inch of airspace, but 1/2 inch minimum is recommended. It is also better to use Lava Shield™ on applications where there is little airflow, making it a superior insulator to aluminum and gold barrier fabrics in these conditions. Lava Shield™ withstands 650⁰C (1200⁰F) direct continuous temperatures and 1093⁰C (2000⁰F) intermittent.Heatshield Products Lava Shield is high temp, multi purpose thermal barrier material with a simulated carbon fiber look. Capable of reducing up to 80% of radiant heat. Helps shield fire walls, hoods, body panels, floor boards. Adhesive backing sticks to almost any clean smooth surface (not recommended for rough or unfinished fiberglass/carbon)

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