Dual Side Ports 1/2" NPT Remote Filter Mount Dual Side Ports Derale 25707

High quality aluminum remote dual side port mount allows use of two filters for fluid filtering capabilities 1/2" NPT in/out ports + 3/4"-16 filter threads.
Part Number: 25707

Product Description

High quality aluminum die cast remote dual side port mount allows the use of two filters to for additional fluid filtering capabilities. Comes with 1/2" NPT inlet & outlet ports and 3/4"-16 filter threads. Kit includes 2 each threaded nipples and 2 each 1/2" NPT threaded plugs.
Specifications:Filter thread size: 3/4"-16, Filter landing: 2-1/2" to 2-3/4", Inlet size: 1/2" NPT.
Features: Allows oil filter to be remote mounted anywhere. Cast from high quality aluminum, 3 bolt heavy duty mounting plate, 3/4"-16 filter thread size, 1/2" NPT ports.

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