Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation Armor Kit 6mm x 300mm x 1500mm

Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation Armor Kit 6mm x 300mm x 1500mm for DPF, Down Pipe or Exhaust
Part Number: 170105

Product Description

Reduce ambient exhaust system heat up to 70 percent with Heatshield Armor thermal barrier material. Rated to 980⁰c Continuous and 1200⁰c Intermittent. Reduces radiant heat by 70%. 0.003 inch thick Armor layer, can be cleaned after installation. Simple installation, install in minutes! The ideal heat shield insulation for your down pipe, DPF, or high performance application. Made in the USA. The outer Armor of Heatshield Armor™ is resistant to the elements, giving the shield a long life. We use either a ¼-inch or ½-inch Bio Cool thermal barrier inner pad, bonded to a heavy-duty foil outer layer using a proprietary process. This makes it capable of withstanding 1,800 degrees F continuously, which allows this Heatshield to be placed directly on exhaust systems, turbo manifolds, downpipes and diesel particulate filters (check with state regulations regarding usage on DPF). Bio Cool is a non-caustic, non-flammable thermal barrier. It does not cause itching and won’t smoke or smell the first time it is heat-cycled. This makes it a far superior insulator compared to the clamp-on heatshields that allow heat to escape because they are set above the pipe and not directly insulating it. This exhaust heat shield material is flexible, easy to cut (you can use a pair of heavy-duty scissors) and easy to install, and can be cleaned after installation.

A distinct Heatshield Armor™ advantage over an all-alloy exhaust Heatshield conduction with one hot side and one cold side: There is no metal-to-metal contact layer. Heatshield Armor™ can even be repaired with Heatshield Armor™ Weld tape. Heatshield Armor™ is available in two thicknesses: 1/4-inch for most naturally aspirated applications and ½-inch for forced-induction and racing applications.

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