Valve Covers Black Chevrolet Small Block 265-400 Tall Baffled-pr

Valve Covers Chevrolet Small Block 265-400 Tall. Black Coated Steel with 1-1/4" Holes for Breathers Baffled-Pair. Suit Roller Rockers
Part Number: 9215BLACK

Product Description

Valve Covers Chevrolet Small Block V8 265-400 Motor with 1 hole 1-1/4" for Breather or Pcv. Tall Height will suit most Roller Rockers. Sold as a pair. Black Coated Steel Baffled. Grommet Kit comprising 1 Pcv and 1 Oil Cap Grommet, is our Part No 66-520. Most Oil Caps with 1" Neck will fit such as our Part No's 66-012 and 66-013 Dome Style or 66-001, 66-002, 66-003, 66-044 Pleated Filter Style . Use Reusable Valve Cover Gasket MAG350G.

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