Valve Covers Black Chevrolet SB 265-400 Finned Alloy Low Baffled-pr

Valve Covers Chevrolet Small Block 265-400 OEM Height. Black Finned Alloy with 1-1/4" Holes for Breathers Baffled-Pair.
Part Number: 66-482

Product Description

Valve Covers Chevrolet Small Block V8 265-400 Motor with 1 hole 1-1/4" for Breather or Pcv. OEM Height. Sold as a pair. Black Finned Aluminium Baffled. Grommet for Pcv is Part No 41900 and for Oil Cap our Part No 41901. Most Oil Caps with 1" Neck will fit such as our Part No's 66-012 and 66-013 Dome Style or 66-001, 66-002, 66-003, 66-044 Pleated Filter Style . Use Reusable Valve Cover Gasket MAG350G.

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